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#016 Anecdotes – Find common ground & finding your audience

In this latest episode, we each shared one thing we learned over the past week. Timothy learned how finding common ground allows for deep and meaningful conversations. Whereas for Vance, he read an article and learned a unique perspective on how to find an audience. Listen on to find out more.

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1:45 – Timothy shares his first week as a Mortgage Specialist at OCBC bank, lessons learned (contact Timothy if you want a great deal for your mortgage *winks*)

4:30 – We feel safer and more secure with someone similar to us and Timothy’s chat with a fellow trainee who was a Taekwondo black belt

12:15 – Taking the initiative to approach people in a new environment to be part of a group or clique versus waiting for “handouts”

16:45 – Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr Robert Cialdini

19:45 – Vance’s lesson from a Medium article titled, “Finding a Real Audience: Who Are You Creating For?” by Christopher La Porte

20:15 – The 5 different types of audience: “Walkers”, “Stoppers”, “Standers”, “Sitters” and “Dancers”

25:00 – We can’t please everyone; so engage those who care and appreciate us

28:15 – “Be the change you want to be” – is it an oxymoron?

31:30 – 32:00 Awkward honking from the Karung Guni (rag and bone man who collects unwanted items in Singapore) in the background

34:45 – James Altucher making a switch from working in finance to a full-time author and entrepreneur

35:45 – A Medium article that talks about Charles Bukowski and his philosophy of “just be you”

38;45 – What we hate or dislike is imperative because it makes it easier to find our passion

40:00 – An article Vance recently wrote: Screw judgement if you want to get anything done

46:00 – People who judge you and your actions are usually afraid or jealous and people who say, “I told you so”.

50:30 – Rounding the key learning points for the week

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