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#33 Anecdotes – Reflections on career choices; relationships over sales numbers?

For this episode, Tim shared his reflections about his career choices and future ahead after a chat with his brother, and how he’s focusing on relationships for the long haul. Listen on for more.

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0:55 – Tim’s brother mapped out Tim’s possible career progression based on his emphasis on building relationships

3:40 – Tim used to give up easily but now he’s more determined than ever to press on

5:20 – We talked about the weapons of influence: likeness and reciprocity (Robert Cialdini’s Influence)

7:45 – Do you want need to be poor to appreciate what it feels like to be rich?

9:40 – Does Tim has a mind of his own if most of his career choices are based on other people’s advice?

11:35 – We all don’t know what we want as young adults with limited working experience so we can only tweak our choices over the course of our lives

13:45 – We need to find out what our “ideal day” looks like and work backwards to start our journey towards finding what we want in a career

15:45 – Why we often feel that rich people have more wisdom than the average population?

17:40 – Lessons are learned from mistakes but we can learn from successes too

21:00 – The idea of starting one’s own business is always magical

23:00 – Focusing on relationships instead of revenue might be at odds with sales but relationships are the foundation of long-term sales

24:30 – Mentioned Julie Zhuo’s newsletter – you can sign up here


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Robert Cialdini’s Influence

Julie Zhuo’s newsletter – you can sign up here


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