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#35 Anecdotes – Am I still me if I behave differently in specific situations?

For this episode, Tim talked about behaving differently in specific situations and how he sometimes question himself whether he’s being authentic or faking it. Listen on for more.

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0:55 – Tim’s reflection on his behaviour: Am I still me if I behave differently in front of specific people and

4:50 – What does it mean if my behaviour depends on their responses too?

6:00 – Vance thinks it’s about adapting to social situations – we bring out the parts of us that are necessary for the specific situation

7:40 – Vance thinks our personalities are a mixture of personality traits that overlap with one another

8:25 – Tim’s reason for asking and reflecting is his worry about offending others when he gets too comfortable and straightforward

9:30 – Random motorbike revving engine and Tim’s iPhone’s notification tone

10:35 – If someone really wants to deepen the friendship or relationship, he or she has to accept the other person’s flaws

12:50 – How Tim used self-deprecating humour to approach potential clients for mortgage loans

14:20 – If you’re comfortable with a person, does it mean you like the person?

15:55 – Tim’s summary: At the end of the day, which version of yourself are you most comfortable and happiest with?

17:30 – Tim is grateful for the fortune of meeting someone whom he can relate to and bring to the next phase of his life; these people shaped his personality along the way too

18:50 – Mentioned James Altucher’s Reinvent Yourself and Choose Yourself

19:50 – Bloopers

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James Altucher’s Reinvent Yourself and Choose Yourself


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