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#36 Anecdotes – Why do we brag and fear showing vulnerability?

For this episode, Vance talked about my thoughts about bragging and intentionally leaving out details that make people look vulnerable. Listen on for more.

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0:55 – Why do we like to talk about the good things and leave out the bad things?

4:10 – Vulnerability tends to draw people in because of the relatability; but Tim asked, could it be that we don’t want to spoil someone else’s day by talking about our problems?

7:30 – Tim thinks that men tend to fall prey to these problems more often; mentioned Lewis Howes’s newest book The Mask Of Masculinity

9:30 – Being vulnerable allows the relationship to deepen, we need to show our flaws so others can learn how to accept us

13:10 – Think about going on a date: The other person will only be interested if you’re not bragging all the time but showing your true self

14:35 – Tim points out that it takes time for people to let their guard down

15:25 – Vance’s reflection on his past struggles with showing a strong ego but realised in recent years that it’s perfectly okay to be vulnerable

17:35 – When we come to terms with our shortcomings and be open to sharing it, we’ll start to be less ashamed of it and improve

18:25 – Update on Vance’s recount of interviews in episode #34 and the hardest question in any job interviews


Important links mentioned

Lewis Howes’s newest book The Mask Of Masculinity


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