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#37 Anecdotes – Building a company culture and giving back

For this episode, Tim shared his perspective of company culture and why it’s important to give back to build an enjoyable and conducive work environment. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Quick update: Vance is working in a new company now

2:35 – Tim realised that when his boss was on a short break, he and his colleagues are stepping up as leaders to help run things smoothly

5:55 – Tim is helping his newer colleagues and seeing his old self in them; he’s doing his part to build the culture of helping in the office

8:10 – The employees are the ones building and determining the company culture

10:20 – It’s through experiencing ups and downs together that the parties involved will grow closer to one another

11:30 – Tim sees importance in giving back because the receiver and giver will feel better

15:25 – Tim’s relationship arc with one of his senior colleagues and lessons learned – a good example of giving unconditionally to a turning point

21:15 – Laughter and good relationships within the workplace make the day more enjoyable; James Altucher mentioned adults smile about 4 times a day on average while children smile and laugh so much more

22:35 – We shouldn’t let other people’s selfishness affect our decision of helping everyone regardless

24:05 – Episode wrap-up

27:00 – Tim and Vance’s thoughts about Anecdotes being 1-year-old


Important links mentioned

James Altucher – What Happened To All The Laughter?


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