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#38 Anecdotes – Side gigs and why experience is more important than money

For this episode, I shared my perspective about side gigs and why I think we shouldn’t just work for more money but also prioritise experience. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Why Vance doesn’t want to work freelance just for money and lose time he can’t gain back

3:00 – Mentioned Dr Meg Jay’s The Defining Decade

5:00 – As long as you’re not sleeping on the streets, trade your time for experience first, then money

5:55 – Tim thinks he’s trading his time for just money; Vance begs to differ because Tim is taking on a sales role, which gives him a lot of valuable experience

7:10 – Tim’s short reflection and update on his current situation at the workplace

10:45 – Sales isn’t just about the ability to sell, there are more to it

11:50 – The context: If you’re working a side gig that doesn’t teach you much other than giving you cash for your time, you might be wasting opportunities. Ask yourself if the job can be replaced by a machine or bot

13:35 – Remember Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice about patience – it’s underrated in today’s world so putting in the patience gives you an edge

14:35 – Vance had to admit he was tempted by the money and why freelance jobs are good money on top of full-time jobs but the sacrifice can be costly; free time is very valuable to working adults

19:05 – Episode wrap-up; What are Timothy and Vance trading the time to produce Anecdotes for?


Important links mentioned

Dr Meg Jay’s The Defining Decade


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