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#40 Anecdotes – Being right versus being kind

For this episode, Vance shared his reflections on being right versus being kind to others, and why treating others well doesn’t always put us at a disadvantage. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Happy 2018 and Vance’s reflections on being right; mentioned his film review of Wonder (2017), a film about a young boy with a face deformity

3:15 – “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” – Dr Wayne Dyer

4:00 – It feels good to be right but sometimes, it feels better to be kind; being right might only make one person happy while being kind makes two people happy

7:15 – Businesses are increasingly operating on the value of being right instead of being kind to people

8:35 – Tim playing the devil’s advocate: You can’t keep being kind to others if you’re not kind to yourself or don’t have the ability to be kind

10:00 – When we’re in a position of privilege, being kind almost always doesn’t harm us

11:00 – Reminds Tim of one of his friends, who put in her all and feel unappreciated at the end; and Vance’s perspective: don’t allow a few unappreciative people affect your actions towards the appreciative people who deserve it

14:20 – We need to go out to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side; Tim’s friend will have to eventually find out who deserves her kindness

17:35 – “Be the change that you want.” – A quote inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

20:00 – Gary Vaynerchuk always talk about leaving behind a legacy; it’s not about the material and tangible things you leave behind but the ideas you leave behind

24:15 – “Your heart is the map that shows where you’re going; your face is the map that shows where you’ve been.” – Another quote from Wonder; and episode wrap-up

25:45 – Announcing a new podcast show: This Singaporean Movie Buff


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Vance’s film review of Wonder (2017)

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