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#41 Anecdotes – Genuine people versus hypocrites

For this episode, Tim shared his thoughts on genuine people versus hypocrites, and we discussed how everyone is hypocritical and genuine depending on the situation. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Tim’s random thought: What are the common characteristics do people look for in friends?

5:00 – Hypocrites are drawn to genuine people

8:35 – Hypocrites usually know they are hypocrites but they still do it; mentioned Charles Chu’s article on lies

10:35 – What Vance thinks could be the reason why we don’t tell others our troubles

13:20 – Mentioned Zat Rana’s article on friendship

15;45 – Mid-twenties to late-twenties are the years we start to contemplate our friendships and relationships

18:00 – Fallen out with old friends because of differences and did things become better after that?

19:55 – Do females fall out with other females more often than males fall out with males?

24:15 – Males have simpler minds compared to females and males can overlook certain things

26:50 – Most of us like similar people and thus tend to interact more with people like us

28:20 – People change over time, whether it’s for the better or worse, and that’s why our social circle expand and shrink constantly

30:05 – Sometimes being hypocritical is necessary for some of us to get what we need in certain situations

32:00 – Episode wrap-up


Important links mentioned

Charles Chu’s article on lies

Zat Rana’s article on friendship


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