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#42 Anecdotes – Do years of experience mean anything in professionalism?

For this episode, Vance shared his reflections on work experience and discussed whether the years we spend in our jobs are indicative of professional excellence. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Vance’s reflection on his past years of working and ask whether years of experience are always indicative of professional excellence

4:00 – The quality of the experience is a lot more important than the duration

8:10 – Vance’s worry about falling into the same trap – just accumulating “years of experience” and not making good use of the time

9:10 – It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the office or job, it’s about the value you create

10:10 – “Comfort is the enemy of growth.”

12:00 – When we feel discomfort, just push a little more because that’s the point of improvement

13:45 – Tim looking back at how he got his current sales role – mentioning the value he created and not the years of experience was what left an impression

14:50 – Episode wrap-up


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