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#43 Anecdotes – Kinship and making loved ones feel valued

For this episode, Tim and Vance discussed kinship and how making our loved ones feel valued is very important. Tim also shared some heartwarming anecdotes about his elder brothers. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Tim sharing his reflections about his relationships with his two elder brothers

3:40 – Tim and Vance confess that they’re not very close to their siblings

5:30 – Feeling valued as the youngest in the family can mean a lot

6:00 – Tim dared to try many new things over the past few years and somehow influenced his eldest brother to do so

8:15 – Most of Tim’s decisions are heavily influenced by his eldest brother but not in a bad way; Tim also learned a lot about himself and is grateful

10:55 – Tim is not sure if he loves his current job but he’s gaining a lot and growing

16:00 – All kinds of relationships, especially kinships, it’s our duty to make the people around us feel appreciated


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