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#45 Anecdotes – Routines, sleeping early and waking up early

For this episode, Tim and Vance talked about setting routines for better physical and mental health, such as sleeping and waking up early and sticking to an exercise regime. Listen on for more.

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1:00 – Tim confessed his recent struggles of not exercising and posed the question: How do we build mental toughness?

3:30 – Vance thinks that physical fitness will strengthen our mental toughness because both mind and body are interconnected

4:10 – Mentioned the state of flow

5:50 – Even Vance, who has been exercising regularly and religiously, struggles and often think about just skipping a session

7:20 – How to sleep early and wake up early?

8:50 – Start with simple routines; think about the 5BX we have to do in army every morning that forces our bodies to get out of the comfort zone

10;30 – Tim has been trying intermittent fasting to increase productivity in the morning

12:45 – Following a schedule – could it be counterproductive?

15:30 – Tim made a bet with an accountability partner but both of them failed

17;10 – How to battle distractions and sleep early?

19;20 – Episode wrap-up


Important links mentioned

Wikipedia article: State of flow


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