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Why we should develop our own insights

Have you ever come across an article with the title "15 signs, he or she is a keeper." Usually, I will see tons of these kinds of article on my news feed, I wondered why do people like to share such articles. It makes them seem quite shallow that they are using a...

How to turn negatives into positives

How to turn negatives into positives

Let's face it, the dissatisfaction with millennials will never stop and the dissatisfaction with Generation Z will never stop either. Even if we hate to admit it, we are never satisfied with our situation, we will always compare with others. And this leads to...

How to build strong and meaningful relationships

(Estimated reading time: 7 minutes) What is the one secret sauce of strong and meaningful relationships? Trust - takes a (really) long time to build, a short moment to break and forever to repair. Actually, most of us already know that trust is the most important...

What I learnt from a funeral

What I learnt from a funeral

Starting 2017 with the loss of my uncle was a little demoralising. Even though I wouldn't miss him as much as his family would, witnessing anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one was not enjoyable, at all. Initially, I was quite upset that I was obligated to spend...

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