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It’s not just about information, it’s about inspiration

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We inspire change through conversations with influencers, unscripted and uncensored.

When was the last time you’ve made a change? If you struggle to recall, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As humans, we resist change. Change requires us to delve into the unknown, and that’s really scary.

Today, we challenge you. Challenge yourself. Take the first baby step to making a change that you’ve always thought of, but didn’t dare to. Do it not for someone else, but do it for yourself. Because change is the only way you grow.

Information is something we have aplenty in this day of age. Flip out your smart phone and tap on the Google Chrome app or Facebook app. All the information you desire, at your disposal.

But we are not here to feed you with more information. We are here to deliver insights – not just plain information – from influencers and their personal experiences and help you make changes to grow.

Expect casual chats and laughter, serious talks and inspiring quotes from Singapore’s influencers. We deliver it straight to you in podcasts, videos and blog posts, unscripted and uncensored.

It’s not about information, it’s about inspiration.

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