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Some starting thoughts about Influencr

What is Influencr about?

Embracing, inspiring and influencing change. That’s basically what Influencr is in a nutshell. We invite people with inspiring stories, whom we call influencers because they are able to create an impact on people and influence them to take action or change behaviour. We record our chats and conversations with these influencers – on video, audio and writing – to reach out to as many people as possible. Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Influencr is about making changes, constantly adapting and that’s how we humans improve. Living without a purpose or a mission, we are essentially just waiting for death. That is exactly what we’re trying to do with Influencr, helping people find their purpose and mission by influencing them to make a change in their lives.

Why was Influencr formed?

We believe in challenging the status quo and influencing others to make a change. We want to help others find their purpose and mission in life to become better versions of themselves. Life seems short but is by no means short at all. It all depends on perspective. Instead of finding our purpose, many of us are so fixated about the living in the moment – YOLOISM (if you still remember what this is). We fail to see the true reason why life seems short. It seems short because we are not making a change to improve our lives, specifically for a purposeful life. We want to fix that and we invite you to join the community.

Where is Influencr based?

On a tiny island called Singapore, somewhere in Southeast Asia, to the south of Malaysia. It is a small country but heavily populated, home to almost 5.4 million people, half of which are people from all over the world. More importantly, Singapore is often overshadowed by its peers in ASEAN and Asia-Pacific in general. No one really knows what and where Singapore is. But there are so many talents and inspiring people living in Singapore who never got their stories told. We believe their stories can be as impactful as anyone else in the world, and they can help our fellow Singaporeans realise that everyone can make a change to their lives for the better too.

Who are in the team?

Two millennials – Timothy and Vance – who are on their journey to make changes for personal development and growth. We believe that age shouldn’t affect our thinking about change and pursuing our purpose and mission in life. But of course, starting young gives us more time and room for mistakes, failures and lessons. We are just like your typical bunch of millennials – we like fun, lots of it! But we believe that change can be fun too, only if it’s for the better. We love to learn new things and we hope you’re the same! Oh, and Timothy is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast while Vance is obsessed with the Korean language. But we are nowhere near mastery or being experts of our interests – yet. On the flipside, we will never be experts in our fields because we believe there is always room to grow.

How is Influencr going to achieve its purpose and missions?

Our central theme is change. Everything we do is rooted in embracing, inspiring and influencing change. Influencr’s purpose is to help everyone, the hosts included, to make changes and grow into better versions of ourselves. Our mission is to invite influencers all around the world, starting with Singapore of course, to the show and share with everyone their secrets of change. Through our conversations and revelations of their secrets to growth and become the better versions of themselves everyday, we hope our audience can find their own purpose and mission in life. And in that, Influencr will achieve its own purpose – embracing, inspiring and influencing change.

*Influencr was the very first name we thought of calling our podcast. But after much consideration, Anecdotes is a much more suitable title.

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