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#018 Anecdotes – Conor Mc Hugh: Follow your interests and be grateful

In this latest episode, we had the chance to chat with Conor Mc Hugh, an Irish physiotherapist who has been working in Singapore for the past 4 years or so. He shared his experience of doing voluntary work in Vietnam for Operation Walk Ireland, along with his day-to-day work as a physiotherapist. His perspectives as an expat in Singapore and helping people in need were indeed inspiring. Listen on for more.

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Conor Mc Hugh is from Ballina, County Mayo in Western Ireland

1:05 – Introducing Conor and how Tim met Conor

4:00 – Push and pull factors about migrating to a foreign country for work

5:05 – Losing shyness while growing up

6:50 – Tim’s curiosity about Conor’s “neutral” accent

8:15 – Is it true that fights are common in Ireland?

9:35 – Getting over homesickness

10:55 – Value time with family because of working overseas

11:45 – Finding common ground to build relationships

13:05 – Conor wants to start a conversation-centric podcast too, focused on wellness and health

14:50 – Conor’s experience of doing voluntary work at Vietnam for Operation Walk Ireland, helping people suffering from osteoarthritis

18:30 – How Conor started volunteering for Operation Walk Ireland

21:30 – Why do successful people want to give back to society?

23:30 – Why did Conor choose physiotherapy as a profession?

24:45 – What kind of advice would Conor give a 16-17yo Conor?

26:35 – Conor had to choose between physiotherapy and marine biology at that time

28:10 – Harder to follow one’s interests for people growing up in Singapore

30:40 – Rogue-learning in modern education

32:50 – Singapore did a lot of things right, nonetheless

34:00 – No right or wrong in terms of parenting; putting ourselves in the baby boomers’ shoes

35:40 – Parents’ intentions come from a place of love; they just want the best for us

37:25 – It’s on you if you choose to stay in a place you don’t want to be in; you have to make your own choices

38:10 – Conor’s plans for the near future

40:25 – Tim meant, “More money doesn’t hurt”

41:45 – The worst thing you can do to a human – put someone in solitary cell

42:20 – When is Conor starting his podcast?

43:40 – The kind of people Conor meet every day as a physiotherapist

Conor mentioned ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) rehabilitation, something related to knee

46:00 – View injuries as lessons to learn from

47:10 – Patients who left deep impressions on Conor

49:30 – “Health is a crown that the healthy wear on their heads, but only the sick can see it.”

50:45 – Physiotherapy teaching Conor gratefulness

51:30 – How Conor convinces people to take care of their health; Conor mentioned “23 and a half hours

53:35 – The motivation of loss versus the motivation of gain

55:25 – Most of us understand that we need to talk to people before convincing but it’s hard to apply in reality

57:30 – Conor used to take on the problems of others on himself

59:00 – Missing food back in Ireland; fresh vegetables in the backyard garden

1:01:55 – Be grateful for the small little things

1:02:00 – Singapore’s food culture

Conor mentioned Ayam Masak Merah

1:09:35 – theMEATMENchannel

We mentioned Zhenwei, an entrepreneur who started his pop-up shop selling Japanese rice bowls with sashimi (Episode #10)

1:13:25 – Most of our ideas die in our heads

1:14:20 – Short discussion on podcasts

We mentioned Aubrey Marcus’s podcast and Mike Tyson’s podcast, “Bite the Mic

1:18:20 – Episode wrap up

Important links mentioned

Operation Walk

Operation Walk Ireland

Operation Walk Ireland Facebook

23 and a half hours Youtube video

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