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#27 Anecdotes – The power of a friend’s compliment

For this episode, Tim shared more of his working experience and how a friend’s compliment gave him more motivation to go on. Listen on for more.

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0:55 – Tim’s anecdote – He shared the podcast with a friend and her compliments made his day

3:00 – Tim’s friend inspires him with her determination and perseverance

8:50 – Knowing you inspired or helped someone is quite unbelievable

10:00 – Mentioned the film Mother! (2017) and Vance wrote a film review on F*** Movie Mag

11:45 – Why Jennifer Lawrence is so popular and relatable; how we’re attracted to relatable

14:30 – Tim wants to try meditation to get a better grip on his life and be more awareness; can try Headspace

16:00 – Another experience while meeting new property agents

20:00 – Tim likes the networking part of the job but it’s very draining

22:15 – Episode wrap-up


Important links mentioned

Vance’s Mother! (2017) film review on F*** Movie Mag

Headspace – an online meditation website


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