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#014 Anecdotes – Jason Teo: Do it even in the face of self-doubt and judgement

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This week on Anecdotes, Jason Teo, scriptwriter for a local video production house Juo Productions joins us!

We talked about a bunch of things, particularly about how tough is local video production projects and what it means to be a creative in Singapore. We touched a little bit on leaders and followers, which Jason gave his unique perspective on: it’s alright not to be leader, as long as you’re contributing and believe in the cause.


2:20 – Tim’s first impression of Jason

8:00 – How Jason got into scriptwriting for Juo Productions

18:20 – How Jason make his passion work at Juo Productions

21:30 – Everyone’s situation doesn’t allow creation but contribute to feel satisfied; entrepreneur fever

29:30 – Feeling lucky because knowing what one enjoys since a young age is extremely rare

30:55 – How do you find out what you like?

32:00 – Chase the small dreams before chasing the big dreams

34:50 – Judgement stops a lot of people in their tracks

38:40 – How hard was deciding to write scripts for Juo Productions?

42:20 – Where does Jason get inspiration for content?

44:55 – Building on an idea is as important as coming up with the idea itself

50:15 – Jason’s perspective of art

55:00 – Where the film industry is heading towards – Netflix!

58:00 – Singapore’s education system is too rigid and discourages free-thinking?

1:02:15 – Creative thinking is great but there must be leaders and followers

1:08:00 – Jason chose Polytechnic because it has a freer environment for his creative thinking

1:14:45 – Some shameless promotions for Juo Productions

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